This is a sample of a 7" LCD monitor for testing. We'll be able to supply 8" ones which are slightly better to use due to the extra inch. Ideal for using with RMS Keyboards as each player can get their own small screen either on their music stand or sitting on top of the keyboard. This alleviates the need for three people to strain to see one laptop screen.

They can take VGA as well as composite video feeds so can be used as a visual show monitor too - and as they are also touchscreens they can be used for controlling things (e.g. sound cues on a PC or switching a PC off). They have a physical resolution of 800x480 (which works better than you might imagine) and can take inputs up to 1920x1200. The smaller the input resolution the better though if you want to read small text on them.

They are easily mounted via 75mm VESA mountings, on their own stands or via a camera mount underneath.