The RMS sound samples and effects are very high quality – however most laptops and desktops have basic sound hardware which may sound fine through desktop speakers but can sound hissy and thin when amplified. And if you use the headphone/line out from your computer you might also pass on the computer’s beeps and sound effects! Again you’re welcome to use anything you may already have (or your sound company may have) instead of our equipment if you wish.

You will also need a MIDI IN interface for the computer to plug the keyboard into – this can be a separate USB device (which we don’t supply) or a part of the sound interface (which we do). Alternatively keyboards which support MIDI-over-USB should also work, for example our Roland and Yamaha ones.

We offer the following interfaces which are top end professional units. Both are USB (our laptops don’t have a Firewire port) and each take up just one USB port.

Fireface UC audio interface

Fireface UC audio interfaceFireface UC audio interface


The RME Fireface UC – this supports one or two MIDI INs via a breakout cable and up to three pairs of L/R balanced audio outputs (which you then DI into the sound system). It will also work in mono but stereo is always preferred. ADAT and SPDIF connections are also available.

It is built like a tank and is a very nice piece of kit. Full details are available from the RME web site.


Babyface audio interface

The RME Babyface – this supports one MIDI IN and one pair of L/R balanced audio outputs via the breakout cable. ADAT connections are available too.

The Babyface is powered from the USB port so does not require a separate power supply. It may look a bit plasticy, but it is actually very well built and powder-coated in metallic blue.

Full details are available from the RME web site.Babyface audio interface