BFM flierBest of the Festival Musicals 2004

In its first year in 2004, the Best of the Festival Musicals succeeded in its aims of starting to promote musical theatre to a wider audience. These are some of the reviews:

From, rated 4/5.

This show is a win-win situation for Musical lovers and for the companies producing musicals on the Fringe this year. With a compere, five musicals are previewed daily, so it gives the companies a chance to sell their shows and the audience a chance to get a taster of different shows that may inspire them to see in full. The performance I saw had Latin 'Superstar' Dominguez as the compere, Cluedo Murder at Tudor Hall, Jazzamatazz, Once were Free, Schoolhouse Rock Live and the Wild Party. Each company performed three numbers so a reasonable impression could be obtained of what to expect in the full versions. This showcase certainly inspired me to see more of a couple on offer, and that's what the show is all about. It will obviously depend on the line-up and one's personal taste, but as value for money, I think this show is hard to beat.

From Three Weeks, rated 3/5. A bit surreal this one!

Here's an interesting thing. If you should go downstairs to Sweet 3 at the Radisson SAS Hotel you end up on a cruise liner. It's dark, it's heavily carpeted, it's got a closed bar, a not so young audience and a compere called Gus No Fuss who's there to welcome you for an hour of show tunes. Is everyone having a good time? Well, probably. It depends on which musicals are performing their songs that day. With five shows each time, some of it's bound to be good; 'Better than Life' and 'Threepenny Opera' stood out at this performance. It's a good way to ease the decision making process when faced with over seventy musicals at the Fringe and is a fun little hour before drinks with the captain.

Selection from Edfringe reviews.

Reviewer: Peter John Mills, England, 5/5
This is a fantastic opportunity to get a taster of some of the shows you might miss in the plethora of musicals on at the Fringe. Very comfortable seats & great entertainment!