Fantom info to come shortly.

Here are a couple of more 'action shots':

Beauty and the Beast, Southern Light


It's not a great picture, but this is from the UK amateur premiere of Beauty and the Beast in the King's, Edinburgh. At the top is the piano keyboard (not ours).

Next down is our Fantom G8 (not usually available for hire) doing the synth part, followed by the Fantom X8 as the string keyboard.

At the bottom is a small Trinity doing the percussion part (this was the alternative/larger orchestration) - it can cover the vast majority of this part including timps etc.

Beauty and the Beast, KAOS

The Fife premiere of Beauty and the Beast this time with the same orchestration but in a different configuration. The Fantoms are doing the same roles but at the bottom is one of our Pro X Trinities on the piano part (it has celeste etc. in it too) and the small Trinity at the top left is covering the harp part.