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BarCoder demo

This demonstration page shows you some example codes which were created using our !BarCoder application. And archive with PDF and RISC OS Draw format files.

Bar code Download BarCoder examples

InternalNH serial blockdriver

InternalNH (new hardware) is a serial block driver modified by Liquid Silicon, based on InternalPC by Hugo Fiennes. Main features are:

26/32-bit compatible so will work on e.g. Risc PC as well as A9/Iyonix. Requires RISC OS 3.50 or later.

Hardware detection removed - now reads available baud rates directly from the operating system. It should therefore work on any future hardware and attempt to drive that hardware at all available baud rates.

Only the internal port 0 is supported. For second port use try something like the Internal32 driver on the Iyonix.

The supplied !SerialDev is a shell and will work on its own (place it in, for example, !Boot.Resources) but should ideally be merged with a proper copy of !SerialDev, the original release of which is available from Cryton and current 32-bit versions from X-Ample

Download InternalNH


!FreeMem 1.16 (26/32-bit neutral) is an extremely useful module application which sits on the icon bar and constantly tells you how much free memory you have in your machine, either in K or MB (and in red when very low). When copying files, using fonts, printing or scanning, you will see exactly how much memory is being used up as you work away. It can also temporarily display the current time which saves having another icon on the icon bar.

!FreeMem Download FreeMem


Liquidise 1.02 (26/32-bit neutral) is a multitasking 'loading banner' which can display a sprite and several lines of overlaid text for a short period, ideal for displaying a program logo and information whilst starting up an application. It is completely self-contained and returns all memory back to the computer when finished, e.g. the logo will not be left behind in the wimp sprite pool, taking up memory.

Liquidise Download Liquidise


You can download the MelIDI demo from the MelIDI pages, which are here.

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